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Skin Cancer / Lesion Removal in Savannah, GA

Thanks to the Skin Institute at Savannah Plastic Surgery, we are able to offer a range of skin care services that are not traditionally found at a cosmetic surgery practice. We are proud to offer skin cancer and skin lesion removal treatments to our patients with the expertise of our staff at the Skin Institute.

Skin Cancer / Lesion Removal in Savannah, GA

What is Skin Cancer and Skin Lesion Removal?

Skin cancer removal and skin lesion removal are skin care techniques used to remove harmful growths from the skin. These are growths that are cancerous or may become cancerous if left untreated. While skin cancer is incredibly common, it can still be a very serious condition when not given the proper care. It is recommended to have any cancerous growth or suspicious skin lesion removed as soon as possible to preserve the health of the surrounding skin and minimize the risk of skin cancer. Fortunately, Savannah Plastic Surgery specializes in multiple skin cancer and skin lesion removal techniques to help patients overcome these diagnoses.

How Much Does Skin Cancer and Skin Lesion Removal Cost?

The cost of skin cancer and skin lesion removal can vary depending on the severity of the condition and several other factors. In many cases, this treatment will be covered by health insurance providers. During your consultation, we will develop a personalized treatment plan based on your skin care needs to determine the full cost of your skin cancer or skin lesion removal treatment. If you would like to review our insurance policies or explore your payment options,

please refer to our financing and insurance page.

How Are Skin Cancers and Skin Lesions Removed?

There are several techniques for skin cancer removal and skin lesion removal, but the technique used will depend on the location and severity of your condition. For minor cases, topical skin care products may be effective at eliminating the growth. More severe cases may require skin resurfacing, which can be performed with laser technology or surgical techniques. During your consultation, we will thoroughly assess your skin to determine the treatment option that is ideal for you.

What is the Skin Cancer and Skin Lesion Removal Recovery Like?

Your recovery experience from skin lesion and skin cancer removal will depend on the treatment method used. With topical skin care products, there is practically no downtime, and patients will be able to return to all normal activities immediately. More invasive techniques may require a brief recovery period, during which we recommend patients take time away from work and other obligations. In all cases, patients are encouraged to protect the skin from excessive sun exposure during and following their treatment, as this can further damage the skin and put the body at risk for additional cancerous growths.

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