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See an Expert Plastic Surgeon at Savannah Plastic Surgery Near Statesboro, GA

When you live in a smaller city, it can be tough to find an experienced, well-reputed plastic surgeon. At Savannah Plastic Surgery, we don’t think this should be the case, and we’re proud to serve hundreds of Statesboro residents looking for plastic and cosmetic surgery. If you’re looking for an expert Georgia plastic surgeon near Statesboro, reach out to our experienced team:

Savannah Plastic Surgery
7208 Hodgson Memorial Drive
Savannah, GA

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How to Get to Savannah Plastic Surgery from Statesboro, GA

It’s just an hour drive from Statesboro to our office in Savannah, making consultations and appointments with one of our four experienced surgeons convenient to keep.

Start your drive on I-16 E for about 36 miles, then take Exit 164A to merge onto GA-21 S/I-516 E/US-17 S/US-80 E toward Wm. F. Lynes Parkway. Continue on Wm. F. Lynes Parkway/W Derenne Ave. until you make a right on Habersham St. Turn left onto Stephenson Ave., then a right onto Hodgson Memorial Dr., where you’ll find our office at 7208.

Our Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

Savannah Plastic Surgery offers a range of procedures, including both surgical and non-surgical options for the face and body. The most popular surgeries for Statesboro residents include tummy tucks, breast lifts and breast augmentations, and mommy makeovers.

Breast Augmentation

This augmentation procedure is a popular way for women to enhance their breasts. Your surgeon will use saline or silicone implants to increase your breast size. An alternative option is a breast augmentation with fat transfer. In this version, excess fat is removed via liposuction from other parts of your body and transferred to your breasts to enhance their size.

Learn About Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift

Breast sag is something most women face as they get older. Often, life events such as pregnancy, nursing, and changes in weight contribute to sagging breasts. For some women, it’s only a minor problem, but for others, it becomes a major issue.

The breast lift procedure is designed to address this problem by removing excess breast tissue and reshaping the breasts. After a breast lift, your breasts will be higher and firmer, with a perkier, more youthful appearance. Some women combine this procedure with a breast augmentation to further enhance the effect.

Learn About Breast Lift

Tummy Tuck

Because of weight gain and loss and other life changes, the abdomen can sometimes accumulate a lot of excess skin. For many women pregnancy is the culprit that changes their bodies dramatically. Whether it’s due to pregnancy or big changes in weight, excess skin can sag around the stomach and hips. The tummy tuck procedure is designed to remove this excess skin, creating a tighter waistline and flatter stomach.

Learn About Tummy Tuck

Mommy Makeover

Having a child is a life-changing event, but pregnancy can also mean dramatic changes to the body. Excess skin in the abdominal area or breasts can lead to sagging. And it can be hard to lose the weight gained during pregnancy.

A mommy makeover is a set of surgical procedures that address these body changes. For most women, a mommy makeover includes a tummy tuck and breast augmentation or breast lift. Some women also have liposuction to remove unwanted fat that’s resistant to dieting and exercise.

Learn About Mommy Makeover

What Can You Expect at a Complimentary Consultation Near Statesboro

When you travel from Statesboro to Savannah for a complimentary consultation with one of our four surgeons, you’ll have all the time you need to learn about the procedure(s) you’re interested in and to ask any questions you have. Depending on the procedure you’d like, your surgeon will discuss your desires and expectations and do a brief exam.

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Now

Recover Well in Statesboro, Georgia

Statesboro is a wonderful place to recovery from plastic surgery. There are lots of opportunities to pamper yourself and stay healthy.

Stay Active

Being in good physical health can both reduce the risks of surgery and help your recovery go more smoothly. Keeping active will help you through your surgery and beyond, but be sure to follow your surgeon’s recommendations for getting back to exercise after surgery.

180 Fitness

4A College Plaza
Statesboro, GA  30458

Phone: 912-871-6622

With strength training, cardio, group classes, and an outdoor training area, this gym offers plenty of variety to help you stay motivated to reach your fitness goals in Statesboro.

Fusion Training

1263 S&S Railroad Bed Trail Road
Statesboro, GA  30458

Phone: 912-349-9660

This gym offers nutrition coaching, along with personal training, group classes, and more—for a well-balanced approach to good health.

Eat Well

Good nutrition is also important during your recovery. Support your body with plenty of healthy, nutrient-rich food.

Chicken Salad Chick

430 Northside Drive E, Suite 174
Statesboro, GA  30458

Phone: 912-452-2353

Along with the variety of chicken salads they’re most famous for, this eatery features plenty of soups, salads, and other meal options.


1100 Brampton Avenue, Suite E
Statesboro, GA  30458

Phone: 912-871-7655

This southwestern restaurant features a lifestyle menu full of tasty, low-calorie salads, tacos, and more.

Why Not Try a New Look?

Recovery can be an exciting time, as you start to see what your new body looks like. Why not embrace that feeling with a new outfit or two?

Statesboro Mall

325 Northside Drive E
Statesboro, GA  30458

Phone: 912-764-7644

Here you’ll find clothing, shoes, and accessories stores, along with several department stores so you can shop for as long as you please.

Take Care of Yourself

Plastic surgery can dramatically alter how you look, which means it may also have an emotional impact. Take time out for self-care during your recovery.

Serenity Day Spa & Salon

1100 Brampton Avenue D
Statesboro, GA  30458

Phone: 912-489-3883

This full-service salon and spa offers services for hair and nails, along with half- and full-day spa packages with massage, facial, mani-pedi, and hair therapy.

The Healthy Touch Day Spa

221 S Zetterower Avenue
Statesboro, GA  30458

Phone: 912-489-1928

With Swedish massage, hot stone massage and deep tissue massage, along with other face and body treatments, this is the perfect place to relax and let your cares melt away.

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