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Non-Surgical Treatments in Savannah, GA

Contrary to popular belief, plastic surgery isn't the only option for patients seeking to enhance the face or body. In fact, Savannah Plastic Surgery specializes in a number of non-surgical procedures to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals without the scarring or downtime.

Non-Surgical Treatments in Savannah, GA

What Are Non-Surgical Treatments?

Non-surgical treatments include a variety of cosmetic techniques that don't involve surgery. While plastic surgery procedures are highly effective, there are other things to consider about these procedures. Surgical treatments typically involve some length of downtime or recovery period, during which patients are encouraged to rest at home and take time away from work and other activities. Additionally, plastic surgery will inevitably leave behind some scarring. While we do everything we can to minimize scarring, it is not yet possible to eliminate it entirely. Fortunately, if you want to enhance the appearance without dealing with these concerns, non-surgical treatments are an option. Savannah Plastic Surgery offers a variety of non-surgical treatments to best serve our patients.

How Much Do Non-Surgical Treatments Cost?

The cost of your non-surgical treatment at Savannah Plastic Surgery will vary depending on your unique treatment goals and the techniques involved in your treatment. Since cosmetic treatments are considered elective procedures, they are not usually covered by health insurance. However, there may be some circumstances in which patients are eligible to receive coverage by their health insurance provider for non-surgical treatments. During your consultation, we will discuss these factors in order to determine the exact cost of your treatment. If you would like to review our insurance policies or explore your payment options, please refer to our financing and insurance page.

What Non-Surgical Treatments Are Available?

Savannah Plastic Surgery currently offers the following non-surgical treatments:

  • CoolSculpting®
    • Average cost: $700+
    • This advanced treatment uses cooling energy fo free and destroy fat cells. This results in a non-surgical liposuction alternative.
  • Skin Resurfacing
    • Using laser technology, skin resurfacing exfoliates damaged skin to rejuvenate the texture, tone and volume of the skin.
  • Skin Tightening
    • Skin tightening treatments use radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production and the contraction of skin tissue. This combination causes the skin to tighten as wrinkles and loose skin fade from view.
  • Dermal Fillers & Injectables
    • Average cost: $600 to $700
    • One of the most popular non-surgical facelift solutions, dermal filler and injectables use gel-like formulas to smooth and plump the skin while fighting wrinkles. There are many options for this treatment, so we encourage patients to discuss their needs with us to determine a good treatment plan.

If you are located in Savannah, GA, or the surrounding areas of Chatham County, contact us today to schedule your consultation at Savannah Plastic Surgery. We also welcome patients from Brunswick, Hinesville and Bluffton, Georgia.