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Permanent Makeup in Savannah, GA

Permanent makeup is a popular solution for patients who enjoy the look of wearing makeup, but don't want to have to apply it on a daily basis. At Savannah Plastic Surgery, our permanent makeup techniques are long-lasting, providing patients in Savannah and the nearby areas of Chatham County with a natural-looking alternative to traditional makeup routines.

Permanent Makeup in Savannah, GA

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that applies colored pigment to the skin. This pigment is applied to areas such as the eyes, lips, and eyebrows to make them look as if makeup is applied. The pigments last for months or even years before fading, which is why these treatments are referred to as permanent makeup. Many patients choose to receive permanent makeup so that they don't have to worry about applying makeup on a daily basis, which can be quite time-consuming. Savannah Plastic Surgery specializes in a variety of permanent makeup techniques to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals.

How Much Does Permanent Makeup Cost?

The cost of permanent treatments at Savannah Plastic Surgery can vary. The exact cost of your treatment will depend on variables that include your treatment goals and the number of areas being treated. During your consultation, we will discuss these factors in order to develop a personalized treatment plan and provide you with the exact cost of treatment. We can also determine your eligibility for health insurance coverage at this time. To learn more about our insurance policies or your payment options, please refer to our financing and insurance page.

What is the Permanent Makeup Treatment Like?

Permanent makeup uses a technique similar to tattooing. To prepare for this treatment, the skin will be numbed, helping to minimize any discomfort that may occur during the treatment process. Then, we will blend pigments together to achieve the shade and color of permanent makeup that you would like. Finally, we will apply these pigments to the skin using either microblading or traditional tattooing techniques. Depending on the area being treated, a permanent makeup treatment can take between a few minutes and a few hours to perform.

What is the Permanent Makeup Recovery Like?

After the permanent makeup treatment, it is common to experience some redness and swelling in the treatment area. Within the next day or two, there may be some light scabbing or bleeding. However, these side effects heal within a week or two of treatment, and the effects of your permanent makeup will become visible.

What Permanent Makeup Results Can I Expect?

The results from your permanent makeup treatment will become visible once any side effects fade. It is common for the color and shade of your permanent makeup to fluctuate in the weeks following treatment, so it may take up to a month for the final color of your makeup to settle in. The permanent makeup can last for several years, although there are a variety of factors that will determine the exact duration of your results. These include your skin type, skin care habits and routine, as well as your lifestyle.

If you'd like to learn more about permanent makeup, contact us today to schedule your consultation at Savannah Plastic Surgery and determine if this treatment is right for you. With locations in SavannahBrunswick, Hinesville and Bluffton, Georgia, we are proud to offer this and other skin care solutions to the men and women living in and around Chatham County.