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Waxing in Savannah, GA

If you have unwanted body hair that you're sick of shaving and plucking, then it may be time to consider waxing. At Savannah Plastic Surgery, we offer this effective hair reduction solution to help patients in Savannah and the surrounding areas of Chatham County achieve smooth, hairless skin.

Waxing in Savannah, GA

What is Waxing?

Waxing is a hair removal technique that produces long-lasting results by removing the hair at the root. Traditional hair removal approaches – like shaving – only trim the hair at the skin's surface. When the entire hair follicle is removed via waxing, it takes a significantly longer amount of time for the hair to grow all the way back to the surface. Plus, waxing is a much faster process than shaving or plucking hairs. When performed by a trained professional, waxing can be done to remove hair from entire parts of the body in a matter of minutes. At Savannah Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer waxing services to our patients, which can be performed on the following areas of the body:

  • Back
  • Arms and armpits
  • Eyebrows
  • Legs
  • Bikini line
  • And more

How Much Does Waxing Cost?

The cost of waxing treatments at Savannah Plastic Surgery can vary. The exact cost of your treatment will depend on variables that include the size of the treatment area and the frequency of your treatments. During your consultation, we will discuss these factors in order to develop a personalized treatment plan and provide you with the exact cost of treatment. We can also determine your eligibility for health insurance coverage at this time. To learn more about our insurance policies or your payment options, please refer to our financing and insurance page.

What is the Waxing Treatment Like?

As the name suggests, waxing begins with the application of a wax material onto the desired area of the body. As the wax cools, it will stiffen around the body hair. Once this happens, we will use a strip to peel the wax off of the skin. As the wax is peeled off, it pulls unwanted body hair with it, since it is enveloped by the wax. The hair removal process can be uncomfortable, and may cause stinging sensations. However, it is a very quick process, so most patients are able to tolerate it without an issue.

What is the Waxing Recovery Like?

After a waxing treatment, there is no downtime or recovery period necessary. You will be able to return to all normal activities immediately following your appointment. You may experience some sensitivity or irritation in the skin. Depending on the severity of this irritation, you may want to take a cool shower, wear loose clothing and avoid skin care products that will further irritate the skin. For many patients, this sensitivity is minor and fades within a few hours of treatment.

What Waxing Results Can I Expect?

The results from waxing are visible immediately, and you can enjoy smooth, hairless skin upon leaving your appointment. The exact duration of the results from waxing can vary depending on your hair type and how fast it grows. In general, patients enjoy results that last about one month.

Contact us today to schedule your waxing appointment at Savannah Plastic Surgery. We are proud to offer this and other skin care solutions to the men and women living in Savannah and the surrounding areas of Chatham County. We operate from locations in Brunswick, Hinesville and Bluffton, Georgia, for your convenience.