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If you are located in Bluffton, Hilton Head, Beaufort, or the surrounding areas, you can find convenient care at the Bluffton office of Savannah Plastic Surgery. Here, we offer an array of consultation and treatment services to patients looking for cosmetic procedures.

See an Expert Plastic Surgeon in Bluffton, SC

Experienced plastic surgeons with great reputations are usually located in big cities. If you want plastic surgery in South Carolina but don’t live in a big city, it can be hard to find the right surgeon. To help address this issue, Savannah Plastic Surgery has satellite offices located in Georgia and South Carolina. Now you don’t have to live in Savannah, GA to access our services. If you’re looking for an expert plastic surgeon in Bluffton, South Carolina, near Hilton Head Island, make an appointment to visit our satellite office!

Our Bluffton plastic surgery office is located at:

17 Sherington Drive

Bluffton, SC  29910

Dr. Curtsinger is there to see patients every other Monday from 1 to 4 PM.


Why Does Savannah Plastic Surgery Have a South Carolina Plastic Surgery Office?

Although our main location is in Savannah, GA, we opened satellite offices in Georgia and one near Hilton Head, South Carolina to better serve our patients across the region. These offices let us offer cosmetic services to people who live outside Savannah. You shouldn’t have to live in a big city to access quality care!

If you live local to Hilton Head or Beaufort, our Bluffton plastic surgery office lets you access certain services without having to make the trip to Savannah. At our Bluffton office you can see a plastic surgeon for consultations, follow-ups, and some kinds of treatments. 

What Services Can You Access at Our Bluffton Plastic Surgery Office?

Our Bluffton, SC plastic surgeon is Dr. Luke J. Curtsinger, III, an expert, board certified plastic surgeon who has performed over 20,000 surgeries during his career. Dr. Curtsinger specializes in some of the most popular procedures, including: 

Our Bluffton, SC plastic surgery office is open for consultations and follow-up visits, as well as certain treatments. You can see Dr. Curtsinger by appointment on alternate Mondays between 1 PM and 4 PM.

Savannah Plastic Surgery’s Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

We offer many types of procedures, including surgeries and non-surgical treatments for the face and body. The most popular plastic surgery options at our Savannah practice include tummy tucks, breast augmentations and breast lifts, and mommy makeovers.

Breast Augmentation

Augmentation is a highly popular breast enhancement surgery among women. In a breast augmentation, the size of the breasts is increased, either with saline or silicone breast implants or with a fat transfer procedure. 

Learn About Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift

Most women find their breasts start to sag as they get older—sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Pregnancy, nursing, and changes in weight can also contribute to this effect. In a breast lift, excess breast tissue, skin, and fat are removed to reshape the breasts and remedy the sagging. After this procedure the breasts are perkier and more youthful looking. Some women combine a breast lift with an augmentation to enhance their breasts even more.

Learn About Breast Lift

Tummy Tuck

Life events such as pregnancy, or big changes in weight, lead to the formation of excess sagging skin in the abdominal area, too. In a tummy tuck procedure with our plastic surgeon, the excess skin is removed to tighten the waistline and flatten the stomach.

Learn About Tummy Tuck

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy often alters the body dramatically. Many women find it hard to lose their pregnancy weight or have excess abdominal skin that changes their body shape. It’s also common for the breasts to sag after pregnancy or nursing. The mommy makeover is a group of surgical procedures that tackle these changes. The average mommy makeover includes a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. Some women also have a breast lift or add liposuction to remove fat that’s resistant to exercise and dieting.

Learn About Mommy Makeover

How to Get to Our Bluffton Satellite Location

Bluffton, South Carolina is 25 miles from Savannah via SC-46 West, a journey of 25 to 50 minutes by car. However, if you live near Hilton Head, SC, it’s just a quick, 10-minute drive to our local Bluffton office, which is located at:

17 Sherington Drive

Bluffton, SC  29910

Our office is right off Highway 278 in Sheridan Park. We are in the same building as the bagel shop, barber shop, and Herrin Piano.

Spend Time Prepping for Your Procedure & Recovering from It in Bluffton, SC

Bluffton, South Carolina is a small coastal town northeast of Savannah. Home to around 25,000 people, Bluffton is located along the May River, and is a wonderful place to pass the time before or after your procedure.

Stay Active

Being in good physical health is important for the success of cosmetic surgery and for an easier time during recovery. Get plenty of exercise, both before and after surgery—but be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions to make sure your recovery goes smoothly.


137 Towne Drive
Bluffton, SC  29910

Phone: 843-707-9771

This small but comprehensive fitness center offers strength training, cardio, and more, with the option for a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals.

Pure Barre®

109 Towne Drive
Bluffton, SC  29910

Phone: 843-815-6015

This barre-centered fitness program offers a low-impact but high-intensity workout that helps tone and strengthen your whole body.

Eat Healthy 

Getting the right nutrition can also help you through your recovery. With plenty of good healthy food, your body will be nourished and supported as you heal.

Zoes Kitchen®

1250B Fording Island Road
Bluffton, SC  29910

Phone: 843-806-4352

Serving up tasty, nutritious Mediterranean food in a warm and hospitable atmosphere, this is the perfect place to stop for a quick lunch or dinner. With delivery and takeout options, you can dine wherever you please.

The Juice Hive

14 Johnston Way Suite B
Bluffton, SC  29910

Phone: 843-757-2889

With delicious and nutrition-packed juices in a rainbow of colors, along with tasty light meals and snacks, The Juice Hive is your stop when you need to perk up your day.

Try a New Look

Once you’re back on your feet after surgery, why not celebrate the new you with a shopping trip?

Tanger® Outlets Hilton Head

1256 Fording Island Road
Bluffton, SC  29910

Phone: 843-837-5410

With lots of stores for shopping to your heart’s content, this is the place to find the perfect outfirt for your post-surgery body.

Take Care

Plastic surgery isn’t just physical; it can have an emotional impact. Make sure to take the time for self-care during your recovery!


17 Sherington Drive, Suite B
Bluffton, SC  29910

Get your whole self looking and feeling amazing by choosing from the Alternatives menu of offerings, like laser hair removal, laser vein therapy for spider veins, and more.

Inner Peace Massage & Spa

48 Pennington Drive
Bluffton, SC  29910

Phone: 843-757-1600

Pamper your body as it heals with a relaxing massage, or enjoy a deep cleansing facial to renew your skin.

House of Color

14 Oak Forest Road, Suite A
Bluffton, SC  29910

Phone: 843-757-77516

Not feeling your current hair? A new cut or color might be the perfect way to embrace your new style after surgery.

Dr. Curtsinger, our Bluffton plastic surgeon, is excited to see you for a consultation! Contact Savannah Plastic Surgery today to talk to us about your body goals. 

Find Another Satellite Location in…

If you would like to schedule a consultation at our Hinesville office or at any of our other locations, please contact us today. Savannah Plastic Surgery operates from convenient locations in Savannah, Hinesville, and Brunswick, Georgia.