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Profound RF Microneedling in Savannah, GA

Profound RF is a multi-bipolar, long-pulse, radio-frequency, micro-needling device that has the unique capability of measuring skin impedance between needle pairs and adjusting the current instantaneously, to deliver the exact amount of energy selected to produce a safe treatment that reliably smooths and tightens skin.

Dr. Matthew Mcleod introduced the Profound RF system to Savannah, exclusively at Savannah Plastic Surgery. This is the only physician driven device that is 100% effective in creating 5x more elastin, up to 2x more collagen, and increased hyaluronic acid.

Profound RF will improve skin texture, tighten saggy skin in the lower face, jowls and neck as well as soften and improve lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Profound RF can also tighten skin in other areas of the body such as décolleté, lower abdomen, "banana roll" and the skin above the knees..

Profound RF is currently offered as a single treatment and can be performed using local anesthesia in the office.

Following treatment you should expect 3-7 days of swelling and redness as well as minimal bruising.

A complimentary consultation would be needed to evaluate and determine if you would benefit from this procedure as well as provide you with the cost.