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Skin Institute in Savannah, GA

Maintaining healthy skin is a huge component of your overall well-being and appearance. At Savannah Plastic Surgery, our skin institute is home to many skin care experts who can help you find an effective solution for healthy skin. We specialize in many skin care treatments that can restore, rejuvenate, and protect the skin to encourage long-term skin health.

Skin Institute in Savannah, GA

What is the Skin Institute?

The Skin Institute at Savannah Plastic Surgery is home to licensed medical skin care specialists who can help you bring out the best in your skin. Since the skin is the largest organ of the body, and one that is constantly exposed to the elements, it has to take a lot of irritation and damage. Without proper care, this can lead to long-term skin damage that affects both the health and appearance of the skin. At the Skin Institute, we specialize in a variety of treatments to help reverse the damage that skin experiences on a daily basis. Plus, we offer many solutions to restore and enhance the skin, bringing out the beautiful features that it is capable of. Skin Institute treatments include in-office treatments as well as at-home protocols to improve skin health. These treatments are completely non-surgical, so you can enjoy all the benefits of skin care treatments without worrying about significant downtime or scarring.

How Much Do Skin Institute Treatments Cost?

The cost of your treatment at the Skin Institute of Savannah Plastic Surgery will vary depending on your unique treatment goals and the techniques involved in your treatment. Since cosmetic treatments are considered elective procedures, they are not usually covered by health insurance. However, there may be some circumstances in which patients are eligible to receive coverage by their health insurance provider for skin care treatments. During your consultation, we will discuss these factors in order to determine the exact cost of your treatment. If you would like to review our insurance policies or explore your payment options, please refer to our financing and insurance page.

What Skin Institute Procedures Are Available?

At the Skin Institute of Savannah Plastic Surgery, we specialize in many skin care treatments and services. These include:

  • Dermabrasion
    • Dermabrasion is an exfoliating treatment that uses a handheld tool to eliminate damaged skin cells while restoring skin texture, complexion, and health.
  • Facials
    • Facials are soothing and refreshing skin care treatments that fortify the skin using a variety of topical products. Many patients enjoy the relaxing treatment process as well as the subtle skin health benefits that follow.
  • Waxing
    • Waxing is a proven hair removal technique that can produce smooth, hairless skin in a desired treatment area. Waxing cannot prevent future hair growth, but it is an effective approach for quick results.
  • Chemical Peels
    • Average cost: $100 to $750
    • Using a precise blend of chemical ingredients, chemical peels can produce controlled skin exfoliation to address aging and skin damage. As a result, patients can enjoy rejuvenated skin just weeks following treatment.
  • Microneedling
    • Microneedling uses the body's own healing abilities to stimulate skin rejuvenation. This technique can help reduce signs of aging, scarring, and other cosmetic concerns.
  • Microblading
    • Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing that is used to restore or enhance the appearance of the eyebrows.
  • Dermaplaning
    • Dermaplaning is a simple and gentle treatment that uses a small blade to scrape dead skin cells off of the skin's surface, restoring skin tone, texture, and appearance.
  • Permanent Makeup
    • Permanent makeup is a long-term alternative to the daily application of makeup products such as lipstick and eyeliner. The most common of these is the microblading treatment.
  • Skin Care Products
    • No skin care routine is complete without the proper collection of skin care products on your shelf at home. We'll help you find the products that are most beneficial for you.

Contact us today to schedule your consultation at Savannah Plastic Surgery to discuss your skin care needs and get started with treatment. We are located in Savannah, GA, with additional offices located throughout Chatham County. Here, we proudly serve the residents of Brunswick, Hinesville and Bluffton, Georgia.