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The Migraine Surgery Program at Savannah Plastic Surgery

By The Team @ Savannah Plastic Surgery

By The Team @ Savannah Plastic Surgery

Migraine Surgery Program in Savannah, GA

Life can be extremely challenging for those who suffer from severe migraines. Head pain is often compounded by nausea, vomiting, sound and light sensitivity, all which make getting through the day a daunting task. Sadly, migraine sufferers report a low quality of life, high rates of depression, and have a high incidence of suicide.

The Migraine Surgery Program at Savannah Plastic Surgery, started by Dr. Matthew McLeod, offers novel surgical procedures to treat migraine headaches and is giving hope to those who have tried migraine treatments with little to no success.

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Migraine Surgery Program in Savannah, GA

How can a Plastic Surgeon help with migraines?

Plastic surgery is a dynamic and innovative specialty that includes reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. Surgery for the treatment of migraine headaches has now become part of the ongoing contribution attributed to this innovative specialty. In fact, surgery for migraines was discovered and developed by plastic surgeons. “Migraines are complex problems that require a multidisciplinary approach,” says Dr. McLeod. “Some of these severe headaches can be caused by peripheral nerve trigger sites in and around the scalp. These sensory nerves often require a decompression, which means surgically freeing the nerve from the surrounding tissues that may be causing the chronic irritation to the nerve.” The procedure is an outpatient surgery, usually taking about one to two hours, with little recovery time. Most patients return to work in about a week.

Are you a candidate for migraine surgery?

Plastic Surgeon in Savannah, GA

It is important that patients with migraines be evaluated by a neurologist. Some sufferers may benefit from Botox injections provided by their neurologist. For many, the trigger point or points may not respond to less invasive therapies and the problem is a true anatomic issue lending itself to surgical relief. Dr. McLeod often performs a diagnostic nerve block during a consultation to aid in determining whether someone is a candidate for surgery. Candidates must understand he has never operated on a migraine patient that has not been evaluated by a neurologist. If you do not have a neurologist, we can offer a referral.

“When a patient tells me that the surgery has given them their life back, treating people suffering from migraines has become one of my most gratifying parts of my practice as a plastic surgeon,” says Dr. McLeod.

See if migraine surgery can stop your headaches, putting you on the path to wellness. Schedule your consultation today by calling 912-351-5050 or filling out an online contact form.

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