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Savannah Plastic Surgery is proud to offer convenient locations in and around Chatham County, Georgia, including a plastic surgeon in Hinesville. Our Hinesville plastic surgery location offers a variety of consultation and treatment services.

See an Experienced Plastic Surgeon in Hinesville, GA

Highly experienced and well-reputed cosmetic surgeons most often practice in city locations. For people living outside big cities, it can sometimes be difficult to access those services. At Savannah Plastic Surgery, we want everyone who wants to see a plastic surgeon to have the chance to see one. To help solve this problem, we’ve established satellite offices outside of Savannah. If you’d like to schedule a consultation with an expert plastic surgeon in Hinesville, GA, we have you covered!

Our Hinesville plastic surgery office is located at:

740 East General Stewart Way, Suite 210B
Hinesville, GA 31313

Dr. Curtsinger is there to see patients every other Wednesday from 9 AM to 12:30 PM.

Why Do We Have a Hinesville Plastic Surgery Office?

Our main office in Savannah is where most clients visit, but we also have other offices throughout Georgia and in South Carolina as well. These offices let us offer plastic surgery services to everyone in our area who wants them. Even if you don’t live in Savannah, you can still consult with an expert, thanks to our Hinesville plastic surgery office and our other locations.

Having satellite offices means our clients can access services more easily, without having to spend much time traveling. There’s no need to make the hour-long trip to Savannah, as you can see a Hinesville plastic surgery expert for consultations and follow-ups. 

What Services Are Available at the Hinesville Office?

You can visit our Hinesville plastic surgery office for consultations; pre-op care; follow-up appointments; and some treatments, including:

Our Hinesville plastic surgeon is Dr. Luke J. Curtsinger, III. Dr. Curtsinger is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He specializes in: 

Having performed over 20,000 procedures, he’s a highly experienced surgeon with many satisfied patients.

Dr. Curtsinger is available for appointments at the Hinesville office on alternate Thursdays between 9 AM and 12:30 PM.

Savannah Plastic Surgery’s Most Popular Cosmetic Procedures

We perform a wide range of face and body procedures at Savannah Plastic Surgery, but there are a few that are especially popular with our clients.

Breast Augmentation 

This procedure involves increasing the size of the breasts with saline or silicone implants. In another kind of breast augmentation, fat is removed from other parts of the body with liposuction. The fat is then transferred to the breasts.

Learn About Breast Augmentation  

Breast Lift

Many women find their breasts start to sag as they get older. This can happen due to weight loss, pregnancy or nursing, or simply the effects of time and gravity. In a breast lift, excess skin is removed from the breasts to give them a more youthful, perky appearance. A breast lift can also be combined with a breast augmentation, to enhance the effect. 

Learn About Breast Lift 

Tummy Tuck

As with the breast lift, a tummy tuck involves removing excess skin from your body. In this case, it’s in the abdominal area, where excess skin is usually the result of pregnancy or weight loss. When excess skin is removed during a tummy tuck, the result is a trim waistline and a flatter stomach.

Learn About Tummy Tuck 

Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy can change the body dramatically. For some women, these changes may include: 

  • Sagging breasts
  • Weight gain
  • Excess stomach fat or skin

In a mommy makeover, these changes are reversed with surgery. A typical mommy makeover includes a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation or lift, or both, but it can include any number of procedures that will help you get your desired results.

Learn About Mommy Makeover

How to Get to Our Hinesville Plastic Surgery Satellite Location

Our Hinesville plastic surgeon is located at:

740 East General Stewart Way, Suite 210B
Hinesville, GA 31313

That’s a little over 40 miles from Savannah, GA. From Savannah to Hinesville is a journey of 50 to 60 minutes by car, via I-95 South and GA-196 West.

To get to this office from the center of Hinesville is a quick drive of just a few minutes. Starting on Elma G Miles Parkway, head northeast, then turn right onto W General Screven Way. Next, turn left onto US-84 E. After about 1 mile, you’ll find our plastic surgery office on your left.

Relax and Recover in Hinesville, GA

Hinesville is a small city of around 33,000 people, but it’s one of Georgia’s fastest-growing cities. If you’re having a plastic surgery procedure in Hinesville, there are plenty of ways to enjoy your time as you recover. Whether you’re looking for a healthy meal or a place to work out, a new outfit, or a beauty treatment, you’ll find it all in Hinesville.

Enjoy Some Physical Activity

If you’re preparing to have cosmetic surgery—or have just had surgery—staying active is a great way to help your body get the best results possible. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s advice about incorporating exercise into your recovery!

Planet Fitness

147 W Hendry Street
Hinesville, GA  31313

Phone: 919-221-4541

Planet Fitness offers all the options you’d expect at a full-service gym: plenty of machines and space, along with friendly, expert staff in a judgement-free zone that lets you enjoy your workout.

Xplosive Performance Training

1146 Elma G. Miles Parkway, Suite 204
Hinesville, GA  31313

Email: [email protected] 

If you’re looking for challenging workouts and expert coaching, Xplosive Performance Training is a great option. Owner Coach Cason is committed to helping people achieve their fitness goals, with a holistic approach that helps you feel as well as look great.  

Feed Your Body

Eating well is key to recovery. Fuel your body with plenty of nutritious, healthy food to get you in great shape for surgery and to help you stay looking good afterwards.

Farmers Natural Foods

754 Elma G. Miles Parkway
Hinesville, GA  31313

Phone: 912-368-7803

Pick up a delicious, nutritious smoothie, and load up on fresh organic produce. You’ll also find a wide range of supplements and other products that promote health and wellness.

Panera Bread

1190 E Oglethorpe Highway
Hinesville, GA  31313

Phone: 912-448-0061

When you need a healthy, great-tasting snack or meal on the go, Panera Bread is a good choice. Pick up a salad or a veggie-loaded sandwich and enjoy a meal that’s full of flavor and nutrition.

Enjoy Your New Look

If you’re keen to show off your new look after surgery, a little Hinesville shopping may be just what you need!

Liberty Square Shopping Center

111 E Hendry Street
Hinesville, GA  31313

Plenty of stores means plenty of options for new clothing and accessories, along with a nail salon and other beauty services.

Pamper Yourself

Surgery is physically taxing. Spend some time relaxing and pampering yourself—you deserve to feel good!

Hinesville Day Spa

951 Elma G. Miles Parkway, Suite A
Hinesville, GA  31313

Phone: 912-876-2206

Enjoy a day of rest, relaxation, and pampering. The Hinesville Day Spa offers Swedish, deep tissue, and hot stone massages; cupping and reflexology; and a variety of facial and skin care treatments.

Deshae’s Beauty Salon

120 Liberty Street, Suite A
Hinesville, GA  31313

Phone: 912-408-7423

Complete your new look with a new hairstyle, or just enjoy a little pampering with a refresh of your current style.

Our Hinesville plastic surgeon, Dr. Curtsinger, is excited to see you for a consultation! Contact Savannah Plastic Surgery today to set up a time that works for you to talk about your body goals. 

Find Another Satellite Location in…

If you would like to schedule a consultation at our Hinesville office or at any of our other locations, please contact us today. Savannah Plastic Surgery operates from convenient locations in Savannah and Brunswick, Georgia and Bluffton, South Carolina.